Director | Cinematographer | Photographer

From Calabasas, California

Devin is a visual Predator (Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Editor) dedicated to generating the utmost quality of work for every client he has had the pleasure to work with.

Growing up in the small town of Calabasas, Devin became a dreamer; inspired by the bright lights of Hollywood . His parents set the tone for his career. Devin’s father, John Dilmore, is the owner and founder of Carthay Set Services; a credible set design & build company for large scale Film & T.V. Commercials. Devin found himself on film sets at a young age, in awe of the lights, cameras and action. His mother, Melody Dilmore, is a photographer and watercolor painter who helped mold his appreciate for beauty and detail in life.

As time went on, Devin began re-creating films he was fond of and fell in love with the process immediately. In 2002 he started working at creative ad agencies; beginning with graphic design and then quickly moving in to motion graphics and editing T.V. commercials and music videos. In 2010, he founded multi-media company 101 Exit Media, LLC., creating everything from corporate client branding to feature films, T.V. commercials, music videos, social media and film production.  

Communication is one of Devin’s primary objectives in his work. His goal is always to align his client’s vision with strategic planning, while ensuring budget is effectively utilized. He strives to bring a positive attitude to the table no mater the situation, instilling confidence in a highly deliverable end product. Having directed and shot full length feature films, T.V. shows & commercials, music videos, social media content and corporate material since 2009, Devin has had the privilege of working with the likes of Google, NBC, Guitar Center, Insomniac Events, Vizio, Patioworld, Shinola, Audeze Headphones, The Dance Network, Asylum Films and many more.

In his free time he’s producing, directing and shooting his own feature films, falling more in love with photography, traveling the world and producing music.


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